Amr Diab Concert

Project Product:livetekk

AMR Diab’s iconic concert at the Dubai Media City amphitheater, in Dubai, featured a massive 192m2 LiveTekk 3.91 LED screen wall on stage, plus another 120m2 on the entrance arches.

The LED screens from Visiotekk provided a stunning backdrop for the concert. One of the key features of the Visiotekk LED screens that made them the top choice for the rental company was their fast lock system. The fast lock system also made it possible to reconfigure the screens as needed, which gave the production team a lot of flexibility in terms of how they wanted to stage the concert.

LiveTekk P3.91 
Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm
Pixel Configuration: SMD1515
Cabinet Material: Die-Cast Aluminum
Brightness: ≤ 1000 cd/m²
Refresh Frequency: ≤ 3840Hz

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